Birchbark Books Reading Series

The Birchbark Books Reading continues Wednesday, May 10 at 7:00 pm. Reading will be Nora Murphy, Choua Yang, Taiyon Coleman, and Ron P. Leith.

Curated by Michael Kiesow Moore and Ardie Medina, the Birchbark Books Reading Series features new, emerging, and established writers quarterly September through May.

Nora Murphy, author of White Birch, Red Hawthorn: A Memoir, is a fifth-generation Irish Minnesotan. She was born and lives in Imniża Ska, the white cliffs overlooking the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers in St. Paul. She has worked and volunteered in the Native community since 1995 and has published five previous books—children’s histories, short stories, and a memoir about women’s textiles, Knitting the Threads of Time.

Choua Yang is an aspiring writer who grew up in Saint Paul’s east side. After twenty years in the IT field, he went back to school to finish a long-awaited bachelor degree in English Literature just so he can get asked the question, “What are you going to do with that?” Choua enjoys photography, filmmaking, and most of all, exploring nature with his two children. His poem “Refugee: 1984” was published in the Saint Paul Almanac.

Taiyon J Coleman is a poet, essayist, teacher, and a Cave Canem fellow. Her writing has appeared in Bum Rush the Page: A Def Poetry Jam, Riding Shotgun: Women Writing about Their Mothers, The Ringing Ear: Black Poets Lean South; Blues Vision: African American Writing from Minnesota; her thought-provoking essays have appeared in numerous publications, including A Good Time for the Truth. She recently served as a panelist on MPR’s Friday Roundtables and is a 2017 recipient of a McKnight Foundation Artist Fellowship in creative prose.  She graduated from the U of MNs MFA Creative Writing Program and holds a PhD in English Literature and Culture with a minor in African American and African Diaspora Studies. Taiyon is Assistant Professor of English Literature at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Ronald P. Leith is the author of Poems from the Deep: A Man’s Journey through Heaven and Hell, and The Parable of Wood & Stone: Personal Notes form a Native Man’s Existential Journey. Ron credits his attending Red Lake High School in the 1960’s as a beneficial experience for him, allowing him to become re-acquainted with his Ojibwe-Anishinabe family and to develop a true sense of being a member of a truly great nation. Originally writing in Haiku format, Ron says his writing evolved through personal experience, vision and revision, trial and error, adopting and adapting many variations of style, format and structure. He believes in a critical approach to writing and acknowledges that a writer’s source may at times be elusive and difficult to put down and believes that breaking ground with your own version of poetic phrase is a liberating experience and at times a more truthful version of life’s interpretations; that being true to yourself is the key to authenticity and originality.

Birchbark Books is located at 2115 West 21st Street, Minneapolis, MN 55405. (612) 374-4023

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